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Ways of Worship in Islam Like Umrah And Hajj

A worship has played an important role in the life of a human as through worship one can create a link with his Creator. A worship has an exclusive role in religion Islam as it expresses that a person is a true Muslim who lives his or her life according to the will of Allah the Almighty by accepting His instructions and applying them in real life.

The basic aim of worship is to attain closeness to Allah the Almighty with what He loves and is satisfied with. It is essential for worship like Umrah and Hajj that it has to be based on clear supervision and to be free from discrepancy. Muslims perform it with great spirit through Islamic Travel Provides 5 Star Ramadan Umrah Package for UK People. pay zakat with boost

Worship is everything one says or does for the preference of Allah the Almighty. This takes in ceremonies in Islam as well as beliefs, social happenings, and personal contributions to the welfare of one’s fellow human beings.

Worship should be done for Allah the Almighty with,

We all should know that worship is just for Allah the Almighty and worship anyone as well Allah the Almighty is strictly forbidden in Islam. The worship saves the human beings from invasion to anything besides Allah the Almighty. It prevents a person from surrendering his or her will to false worldly Gods. Submission to Allah the Great is a great source of strength.

Ways of Worship in the Religion Islam

The 4 basic principles act of worship recommended in the religion Islam are mentioned below that every one of us should perform with proper attention for the sake of Allah.

Zakat (Charity)
Pilgrimage (Hajj)
With these principles acts of worship all of us should be a witness there is no God but Allah the Almighty and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the Last Messenger of Allah the Creator. The four principle acts of worship with Tawheed forms five pillars of Islam on which Islam rests upon. These four pillars are the minimum required acts of worship.

I think performing Umrah and Hajj are the biggest and great worships to recall Allah and His Instructions. If you can afford the expenses of these worships then must perform once in a year. May Allah help us. Ameen.

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