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THE BEST LOBSTER TAIL RECIPE in 2020 total information


This guide has everything you need to know about how to cook lobster tails: how to prepare lobster tails (butterflies), how to cook lobster tails and the BEST recipe for roasted lobster tail, all in just 20 minutes!

Antes de saltar a la tarjeta de recetas, ¡no te pierdas los CONSEJOS ÚTILES DE RECETA en la publicación! ¡Espero que les sea útil y les encantará esta receta baja en carbohidratos!

Welcome to the ultimate guide to cooking lobster tails! With the flavorful butter sauce and ultra-fast cooking method, it’s the best lobster tail recipe for parties, celebrations, and date nights at home. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make grilled lobster tail (it’s ready in less than 20 minutes), but it’s much more affordable than taking it out at a restaurant. Read on, because I am going to cover everything you need to know: how to buy lobster, how to make lobster tails, how to cook lobster tails and many dishes to accompany with lobster.


The best way to grill lobster tails starts with lobster tails! While this may sound complicated, I promise it is easier than you probably think.

Here’s how to prepare lobster tails before cooking:

Lobster butterfly. Using kitchen scissors, cut the center of the shell, up to the tail, but without cutting the tail. You want to cut the top of the shell, but don’t cut the bottom.

TIP: It’s okay if you cut the meat. In fact, it cooks a little more evenly if you do. However, the important part is not to cut the bottom shell.

Divide the shell. Using your thumbs and fingers to open the shell, gently push the lobster meat upward, separating it from the bottom shell. Leave the end attached to the tail fin.

Push the lobster meat over the shell. Lightly push the empty shell under and place the meat row on top.

Place the lobster tail on a lined baking sheet. See? Your homemade lobster tails are already starting to look like you got them from a fancy restaurant, even before cooking


Once you have done that, there are several options on how to cook the lobster tail:

  • Broiled lobster – This method is in the oven under the high heat of the broiler. My easy lobster tail recipe is broiled!
  • Baked lobster – Similar to the broil method, but under normal heat. I find that the high heat of broiling gets a more tender inside than regular baking.
  • Poached lobster – Sometimes this is another term for boiled lobster, and sometimes it means simmering the shucked lobster tails in a layer of butter (called butter poaching).
  • Boiled lobster: This is one of the simplest methods, since it only involves cooking the tails in boiling water. But, I think the taste is not as good as butter-cooked lobster.
  • Grilled Lobster – You can even cook lobster tails on a grill if you want! We don’t have good weather during the year so this is my preferred method.





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