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Everyone Already Has This Sales Skill!

The #1 perception of most people when thinking about a salesperson is that they use high pressure, The Seedy Salesman tactics, they are vultures, untrustworthy, seedy and they circle their prey like a hunger vulture. One must guard themselves against salespeople or they too will be suckered into something against their will.


I worked for and owned a couple of small, rural weekly newspapers. My title was Advertising Manager and the main focus of my job was “sales.” Physically walking into a prospective customers office and “selling” him/her advertising space in the newspaper. Cold calling many visit would call it in our profession. I was good at it. I loved meeting new people. Enjoyed the challenge of designing good ads that produced results for my clients.

I worked with my clients and didn’t hesitate to tell them if I felt the direction they were going or the advertisement they were planning on running would be effective or not. Their ultimate success was my goal otherwise they would quit advertising, I’d lose the potential income and we’d both be in a negative situation.

I had no real skills, no diploma or university degree. Not much came my way as far as training but I did possess one skill without even knowing it was a skill.


Let’s get personal now! You know how to listen too. You just don’t know you have that skill. Your spouse/partner/loved one walks in the door. “Hey, how are you?” The response is correct but there’s something wrong with the inflection of the voice, the phrasing of the answer. You’ve just enabled the listening skill you possess that is deeper than what your ear heard. The skill that tells you these are the words you hear but there’s more. There’s an underlying question, statement, concern hidden behind the response you got. It’s no different in your network marketing profession.


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