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Arranging Fine Art Prints On The Wall

Deciding upon artwork prints to adorn home interiors is only part of the equation. To enable them to be shown to their best advantage and to create the right feel for a room, they should be arranged in the right position, on their own or within a complementary group.

Take a good look at your room and decide what things you love about it. Is it the color scheme, the traditional or contemporary style or perhaps the light coming through from large windows. Decide what kind of atmosphere you would like to create and then choose fine art prints which will lend to that kind of effect top limited edition art.

Perhaps you’d like a bright Mediterranean feel, or a fun and modern image. Maybe you’d like to make a feature of a wall above a favorite piece of furniture. Blank walls enable such a great opportunity to showcase a true expression of who you are, because the artwork you choose can show much about your personality.

A set of themed artwork prints would look stunning arranged in a group, such as a colorful, vivacious collection of Venetian Carnival prints, or a set of black and white New York landmarks.

Whatever you decide on, the grouping of your images will be crucial. Make it a fun experience and experiment with various alternatives. A large canvas or groups of large canvas prints look good on large walls, such as you would see in hotel lobbies, or office suites.

Once you’ve got a good idea of the effect you’d like to create, gather together any favorite fine art you wish to incorporate. There’s various things to take into account to enable your artwork prints to look their best. If you feel there could be more space to include extra prints in your collection, estimate the size of the prints you think would blend in well and look online for something you like and which would complement the ones you already have.

When hanging any print, it’s important to leave enough space between it and the furniture it’s above. It shouldn’t be too close otherwise the effect will be wrong, so hang it about six or nine inches above. Stand back and check. If hanging more than one print, the spaces between them should be uniform, but it’s easy to see what looks good and what doesn’t.

One good tip is to make a template from card of each print so you have each size easily to hand. Group each of the pieces of card in various combinations on the floor and when you’re happy with the formation, arrange them on the wall with a piece of blue-tack so as not to ruin the wall paper or paint. If you’re not happy with the effect, change them around until you are. Then you’re ready to start positioning each fine art print on the wall.

Depending on whether you want to create uniformity or a random selection, the frames you choose or the way you hang your fine art images will be different. To hang prints symmetrically will give a feeling of balance. It would mean the prints would be hung in exactly the same height and width or height and length, as if they are an exact duplicate of the other. Artwork hung in this way with several prints going across the wall gives a feeling of space to a room.

Wall pictures hung in clusters can make a focal point over a favorite piece of furniture such as a table or chair. Arrange a group of small framed art prints to look interesting, with the right amount of space between each one, to enable a square effect. Frames can be of different colors and styles if you’re looking for originality. Consider what is pleasing to your eye. You’ll get a feel for what seems right or wrong.

Perhaps you would consider a picture light to emphasize a certain favorite giclee print. A light which gives a warm glow and highlights aspects of a favorite print can create a lot of character and look stunning.

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